Welcome Stranger

brandy Jul 23, 2019

Swedish punsch is always heartwarming to see in recipes. It is ok to get slightly patriotic also when it comes to cocktails is it?!

Mixing punsch with both brandy and gin must be fairly unusual, but this recipe proves it works. Somehow all those characteristic spirits unite and form a pleasant drinking experience.

And using these tall coupes gave us a good opportunity to use our long banana vintage cocktail picks!

Welcome Stranger



0,5 oz Swedish punsch
0,5 oz brandy
0,5 oz gin
0,5 oz grenadine
0,5 oz orange juice
0,5 oz lemon juice


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice and fine strain into a coupe. We garnished with a brandied cherry and gave it a spray of Smith & Sinclair's cherry blossom & mandarin edible fragrance just for the fun of it.