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We are Joakim & Mattias, cocktail lovers, mixing drinks at home in Stockholm, Sweden. We are always eager to try new recipes, techniques and spirits in order to create the next great cocktail. We seek inspiration from the world’s best bars and we do enjoy visiting these while travelling.

Mattias @cocktaildetour


Photographer and Mixing Master

I’m Mattias and I’m one half of Cocktail Detour. Generally I’m the one taking all photographs in our feed, finding the right props for each shoot and making sure lights, angels and exposure times are optimal.

I like the crafting part behind cocktails and food. I enjoy making things from scratch and advancing my techniques. Favorite gadgets in the kitchen are my smoke gun, my iSi Siphon and my Vitamix blender. A lot of the cocktails featured on this site are enabled thanks to this machinery!

When it comes to spirits, mezcal has become a favorite. That smokiness really appeals to me, and I think it’s an exciting task trying to pair this with other flavors. Mezcal is an spirit you can easily get creative with, and pairs well with surprisingly many other spirits.

Joakim @cocktaildetour


Recipe Hunter and Mixing Master

I’m Joakim and I’m one half of Cocktail Detour. Generally I’m the one finding the recipes we feature in our feed, and I’m also the one doing the captions to dress our photographs with words.

My interest in cocktails started a few years ago, when I saw a press coverage on the event ”Worlds 50 best bars”. I kind of realized that cocktails could actually be made with the same attention to details and presentation that a lot of chefs put into their signature dishes. I started to visit a few of the bars on the list and was immediately hooked by the craftsmanship.

I like most spirits, and I’m very open minded when it comes to unusual recipes, unique ingredients and surprising flavors. At the same time I also truly enjoy classic cocktails, as long as they are nicely executed. ⠀

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