Waterproof Watch

cocktail Dec 19, 2019

Whenever we see a recipe by Sother Teague we're always eager to mix it at home. The Waterproof Watch was no exception of course, and wow are we glad we tried it!⁠

This grown-up, boozy cocktail is a stunner! This is exactly the kind of cocktails we love a little bit extra. Dark, complex, mysterious, bursting with flavour - but yet so simple to make at home.⁠

With “clean” recipes like this one we're always selecting which bottles to use, with extra care. If you have a particular gin that you save for those special occasions, it is in this recipe you'd want to use it.⁠

Thank you Sother for being a never-ending inspiration to our own cocktail making!⁠

Waterproof Watch

Recipe by Sother Teague


1,5 oz gin⁠
0,75 oz amaro Montenegro⁠
0,75 oz Aperol⁠
2 dashes pimento bitters


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a coupe.⁠