Tom and Daisy

cocktail Aug 8, 2019

Tall cocktails are always fun to kick off the weekend with. They are festive, but not overwhelmingly strong. Be a bit cautious though, the Tom and Daisy is easy to sip on, but there is actually quite a lot of old tom gin in it…⠀

Seeing yellow Chartreuse in recipes always makes us extra happy. It's a gorgeous liqueur that adds both taste and colour to drinks.⠀

We used sustainable metal straws, and reused plastic drink stirrers in this one. No unnecessary waste here!

Tom and Daisy

Recipe by Greg Henry


2,5 oz old tom gin
1 oz fresh lemon juice
0,5 oz yellow Chartreuse
Club Soda


Shake the first three ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a highball glass filled with crushed ice. Top up with club soda.