The Queen Mother Cocktail

aperol Jan 2, 2020

With this cocktail we welcome 2020 into our lives. We think this is a typical cocktail summing up everything the two of us love about drinks. It has an elegant feel to it, it uses an intriguing mix of ingredients, it looks beautiful poured into a nice coupe and of course it tastes phenomenal.⁠

Gin is a staple in our home bar. There are so many varieties today, but if we were only allowed to bring one single bottle of spirit to a desserted island it would probably be a typical London dry gin. A very versatile spirit that can actually also be enjoyed neat. Dubonnet is a slightly more unusual bottle, a spiced wine that gives this drink both colour and flavour. Aperol is one of the most recognized amari that for a few years has bloomed in a particular spritz, but actually works well in a lot of other drinks too. And finally there's some rum in this cocktail, it's only a small amount, but it's interesting how noticeable it still is in the final mix.⁠

So with that, cheers to 2020!⁠

The Queen Mother Cocktail

Recipe by Jake Burger


4/5 oz gin⁠
4/5 oz Dubonnet⁠
3/4 oz Aperol⁠
1/6 oz Jamaican rum⁠


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into an elegant coupe.⁠