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aperol Nov 3, 2018

We thought it was fun with Limoncello in a cocktail. We happen to have a bottle in our cabinets, that we’ve so far only enjoyed neat, but now it was time to put it to test in a cocktail. We also thought a recipe based on two lime wedges sounded…fun…and challenging. How much juice does one wedge hold?

It turned out our wedges were quite juicy, so we ended up with just the right amount of lime juice to balance the super sweet Limoncello. This is probably the key, we can see how this recipe could become too sweet if not enough lime juice is in the shaker. It’s easy enough though, jus taste the drink before serving it.

We think the result was very satisfying. There’s just something  about sparkling cocktails, they make you feel immediately uplifted!

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The Post Sunset

Recipe by Jenner Cormier


2 lime wedges
1 oz fresh orange juice
0,75 oz Aperol
0,5 oz Limoncello
1,25 oz blanco tequila
2 oz chilled sparkling wine


Squeeze the juice from the lime wedges into a shaker, then add all other ingredients except the sparkling wine. Shake with fresh ice and fine strain into a flute glass. Top up with the sparkling wine and garnish with a dehydrated citrus slice.