Pins and Needles

cocktail Apr 23, 2019


We thought this recipe sounded so elegant just by reading it, so we of course had to make it. And the result does not disappoint at all, this is a luxurious serve.⁣

We accentuated the elegance not⁣ by garnishing the drink itself, but rather the surrounding with a few sleek straws of grass, and we choose simple coupes to pour the drink in.⁣

We really liked the boozy taste as well as the golden colour of this drink. The perfect spring serve!⁣

Pins and Needles

Recipe by Jonathan Lind


1 teaspoon maraschino liqueur⁣
0,5 oz dry vermouth⁣
0,5 oz cream sherry⁣
0,75 oz old Tom gin⁣
0,75 oz gin⁣
fir eau de vie, to rinse glass with⁣


Rinse a coupe with the fir eau de vie. Then stir all other ingredients with fresh and strain into the coupe. No garnish.⁣