La Guildive

cocktail Jan 21, 2019


It's that time of the year. It's time to Tiki The Snow Away!

We are thrilled to participate in this tropical event yet another time; @tikithesnowaway

This year we're going slightly more subtle. No pineapple, no banana, no umbrellas. But certainly a lot of rum, and nice notes of vanilla from the Licor 43. Combined with sweet peach and stingy ginger beer, this recipe by tiki guru Martin Cate is definitely a must-try!

And yes, Sweden for sure need some tiki-ing right now. Our streets are filled with snow and super slippery ice. Winter is without a doubt here!

La Guildive

Recipe by Martin Cate


1 oz ginger beer
0,5 oz fresh lime juice
0,5 oz Licor 43
0,25 oz peach liqueur
2 oz blended aged rum


Add the ginger beer to a coupe. Shake all other ingredients with fresh ice and strain into the coupe over the ginger beer.