Housekeeping Please

amaro nonino Jul 13, 2020

We've been given the chance to try a new product from Hotel Starlino - namely a very light and refreshing rosé aperitivo. This bottle could not have arrived at a better point, it is just perfect to use in these type of low ABV longdrinks that fit summer so good.⁠

This aperitivo is bittersweet in just the right way. We don't like overly sweet products, but this rosé certainly balance on the right side of sweetness. We also really enjoy its colour, with this pretty pink appearance it's easy to feel thirsty.⁠

Recipe by Cocktail Detour


2 oz Starlino Rosé Aperitivo⁠
0,75 oz rhubarb syrup⁠
0,5 oz amaro Nonino⁠
0,5 oz lemon juice⁠
soda water to top up with⁠


Shake all ingredients, except the soda water, with fresh ice and fine strain into a highball glass. Then add a few new ice cubes to the glass and top up with soda water.⁠