article Jun 10, 2023

When we visited Boge Bränneri in Slite, we also got a chance to see several spots and places over Gotland, which is Sweden's largest island.

Visby is the main city, where the airport and the port is. The city is packed with bars and restaurants, but also with stunning views and sights to see. Below here are some of the beautiful things we saw, including a bubbly van, a pitoresque kiosk and a stunning sunset.


Rhubarb cocktail at Värdshuset Lindgården, Visby, Gotland

Värdshuset Lindgården

Our very first Boge Bränneri cocktails we had at Värdshuset Lindgården. It's a large restaurant within a rather iconic building. On the top floor is the cozy bar, with several seats and interiors that match the pretty drinks.

A Boge Bränneri cocktail at Bolaget in Visby


We then moved on to Bolaget - another great cocktail bar in Visby. Here we tried a cocktail with Boge Bränneri Hallon - a very tasty and almost refreshing drink.


It's in Slite that the actual distillery of Boge Bränneri is located. The surroundings are rather breathtaking, as seen below.

We often find industry buildings beautiful. Just look at these silos:

Bonden & Bönorna

Bonden & Bönorna

At Bonden & Bönorna we had several cocktails from their list, most made by our friend Bella Porcile. All cocktails are mainly based around local ingredients and bottles, with a particular focus on Boge Bränneri - as Bonden & Bönorna stock their full range.

And then we also had food at Bonden & Bönorna. An almost mindblowing experience with local and pretty food, that was beuatyfully presented and tasted divine. We also tried a wine from Gotland, and then had even more of Bella's cocktails.

Contemplating what to get at Big Pink

Big Pink

On our last day at Gotland we paid a visit to Jennie, who blows glass at Big Pink. She make the exakt type of drinking vessels, and serving plates that we like - so we left with quite a few finds.

Tofta Beach House

Tofta Beach House

And just before we needed to take the boat back to Stockholm, we had lunch and cocktails at Tofta Beach House just outside Visby.