Trinity - an equal-parts cocktails. Here made with Kyflinge gin.

Excited about Gin & Tonic Festival + making the Trinity cocktail

cocktail Apr 24, 2023

This summer we will participate in the Gin & Tonic Festival - a two day event devoted completely to gin and tonic. The festival takes place 30 June - 1 July 2023, at Dylta Bruk just outside Örebro.

There will be several gin and tonic brands represented at the festival, and there will of course be lots of opportunities to taste their products. The focus is on Swedish brands (yes we have hundreds of gin producers in Sweden), some bigger and some smaller. We will definitely get to taste gin that we haven't tried before, which is always exciting.

The festival is held outdoors. Given that it happens during the very best weeks of Swedish summer, super nice weather is to be expected and we look forward to some picnic moments in between tasting and seminars. Tickets to the festival are available either for one of the two days, or as a combination ticket for those who want to attend both days - just like we will.

One of the brands that will be represented at the festival is Kyflinge Gin. Their gin is produced in Malmö, Sweden's third city located at the very south of the country. Their navy-strength gin, beautifully bottled and labeled as seen in the photos is the perfect base for cocktails where gin should be the star. Such a cocktail is the classic Trinity, which we just made on the balcony. Recipe to follow:


Classic recipe


30 ml gin
30 ml sweet vermouth
30 ml dry vermouth


Stir with fresh ice and strain into a coupe.

Stirred cocktails are so elegant, we think

Gin & Tonic Festival will be so much fun this year. Do not hesitate to book your tickets if you like gin and tonic. Read more on the festival's webpage about tickets, practicalities, participants etcetera.