Gargoyle & Spire

cocktail Oct 19, 2017

Yes, we finally own a bottle of Italian Strega! We've tried it in cocktails at different bars, but have so far not made anything with it ourselves. But with a secured bottle in our home bar it was time to make a Gargoyle & Spire cocktail.

The Strega has a beautiful yellow colour. Flavour wise its not too far from yellow Chartreuse, but at the same time different. In this drink it's combined with gin and sparkling wine, but only a small amount of simple syrup. This makes it a slightly bitter cocktail (in a great way), with a lot of herbal notes in the background from both the gin and the Strega.

1 oz gin
0,75 oz Strega
0,25 oz simple syrup
2 dashes orange bitters
ice cold sparkling wine
Stir everything but the sparkling wine with ice. Strain into a cool cocktail glass and top up with sparkling wine.

The Swedish plums are absolutely fantastic now, so we garnished the cocktail with that. An orange twist would have been more appropriate if you want to follow the recipe slavishly. And by the way, the recipe we found in Brad Thomas Parsons's fantastic book “Bitters”.