Customs Clearance

calvados Oct 18, 2018

When we commented on how beautiful one of the glasses used by Susan over at @susandjones27 was, she kindly offered to gift us the glass! So off on a journey from the US to Sweden it went, thankfully arriving in one piece a few weeks later.

As an hommage to Susan’s kindness, we wanted to create an original cocktail recipe, using both Swedish and American products. We started off with some delicious apple juice, made from freshly harvested Swedish apples. And then we mixed in some Swedish apple brandy from Kiviks Musteri, as well as some American Etrog liqueur from Sukkah Hill Spirits.

And it turned out quite delicious. A lot of apple flavour obviously, but nicely balanced with sweet and sour Etrog liqueur.

We placed the cocktailglass on top of the box it arrived in. Seeing all those details Susan needed to fill out for customs reasons, it was pretty easy to name the cocktail.

Thank you Susan for your lovely initiative and for your kindness!

Customs Clearance

Recipe by Cocktail Detour


1,5 oz apple juice
0,75 oz Swedish apple brandy
0,75 Etrog liqueur


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice and double strain into a gifted vintage glass.


vintage glass