Captain Ron

amaro averna Feb 10, 2018

Our families know us too well. Among the Christmas presents we recently got were Kara Newman's new book “Road Soda” and a beautiful flask from Rabbit.

Wanting to put these thoughtful gifts into immediate use we made a Captain Ron cocktail from Kara's book. This drink, adapted by John Henderson, is supposed to be served at room temperature making it ideal to store in a flask and enjoy even when there is not a fridge or ice around.

Consuming a cocktail at room temperature might seem strange to begin with. But it actually adds another flavour dimension. The Zacapa rum used really gets to deliver its aromas, and it kind of opens up the whole cocktail.

Captain Ron



1,5 oz Zacapa rum
1 oz water at room temperature
0,25 oz amaro Averna
0,25 oz Aperol
0,25 oz simple syrup
2 dashes mole bitters


Pour all ingredients into a flask and shake to mix. Drink the cocktail straight from the flask, or pour into glassware and garnish with a lemon twist.