Brace Position

cherry heering Aug 17, 2018

The Swedish cherries are here, and we wanted that to permeate this post. While not using the cherries in the actual cocktail they made a perfect side snack to be enjoyed together with the drink. And, with Heering in the ingredients list there is still cherry in the cocktail, although Danish rather than Swedish. The cocktail turned out nicely, maybe a little on the sweet side. If you prefer more sour drinks cut down on the simple syrup, or just leave it out completely.

Brace Position

Recipe by Grant Murray


0,5 oz scotch

1,25 oz gin

0,5 oz Cherry Heering

0,3 oz violet liqueur

0,5 oz lemon juice

0,5 oz simple syrup


In a shaker add fresh ice and the scotch. Stir and strain out remaining liquid, leaving scotch coated ice. Add all other ingredients, shake and fine strain into a coupe.