Aperol Spritz

aperol Jun 16, 2018

The Aperol Spritz is one of those uncomplicated cocktails, that is still incredibly delicious. Not a lot of measuring is really required, although there is an official recipe at the back of the Aperol bottle.

This has to be the official drink of summer. Everyone seem to enjoy it, and it's very understandable. The sparkling wine paired with bittersweet Aperol, slightly diluted with a splash of bubbly water certainly is a quencher!

We enjoyed these drinks in the company of two friends from Gothenburg, hummus, carrot & cucumber sticks and fresh strawberries. Summer, you are so lovely!

Aperol Spritz



3 parts Prosecco
2 parts Aperol
1 splash of soda


Build in a generous wine glass.


wine glass