Ad Astra

cocktail May 26, 2020

Violette liqueur is a very special ingredient. It has an intensely blue colour as well as a really potent flavour. It can easily owerpower any cocktail. However used in the right amounts (read: small amounts) it can be pretty fantastic. It has floral, almost perfumed notes and it contributes with both an exotic and a decadent vibe.⁠

In this recipe the violet liqueur is combined with gin and lemon juice, making it very similar to classic cocktail Aviation. But it's that addition oh Maraschino liqueur that makes this drink a true star, and that sets it apart from its classical cousin.⁠

Ad Astra

Recipe found via Difford’s Guide


1,5 oz gin⁠
0,25 oz maraschino liqueur⁠
0,25 oz violette liqueur⁠
1 barspoon of fresh lemon juice⁠


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a Martini glass.⁠