Two Coupes Detour

cocktail May 12, 2018

We are just back in Sweden after a very inspirational week in Washington DC and New York City. During our journey we had the pleasure of meeting up with @twocoupes Tiff & Joe, at the gorgeous @macebarnyc sipping through their entire cocktail menu.

Mattias, Joakim, Tiffany & Joe at Mace Bar in New York City.

Both Tiff and Joe are super enthusiastic about cocktails which their account is excellent proof of. They might very well have NYC’s best stocked, and most beautiful home bar. Head over to their smashing feed, you won’t regret it!

We wanted to make a tribute cocktail to Tiff & Joe, being ever so thankful for our fun meet up. So we decided to create the below original recipe, which obviously should be served in two coupes. And it’s no coincidence at all that the two coupes on this first photo are vintage glassware bought in NYC, or that we are using rum from New York, or that we include home made orgeat which Joe taught us how to do.

The cocktail is a play on American favorite dessert Key Lime Pie. And looking closely at the specs of the recipe it might become obvious why this is also our entry for the revived We Have The Last Word event. It’s four equal parts, and it contains both green Chartreuse and lime. We are swapping the original gin for rum though, adding sweetness to balance the very sour key lime juice. And we swapped Maraschino liqueur for orgeat to mimic the condensed milk used in the pie.

The outcome is delicious if we may say so ourselves. The basic elements of the original The Last Word are definitely present, but the orgeat and the rum alter the drink in a more dessert like way.

Skål, Tiff & Joe!

Two Coupes Detour

Recipe (makes two)


1,5 oz Owney’s rum
1,5 oz green Chartreuse
1,5 oz key lime juice
1,5 oz orgeat


Shake all ingredients with ice and double strain into two coupes. Garnish with fancy cut key lime.