This $@&!' Bananas!

banana liqueur Apr 5, 2018

Cocktails with banana we think is fun. A few years ago banana liqueur was more or less frowned upon, most bottles available were either too sweet or too chemical…or both at once!

Today it's different. And one of the reasons is Giffard's Banane du Brésil, which actually tastes like real banana, and is balanced in its sweetness. This is exactly what we are using in this cocktail called This $@&!' Bananas! from @joshperrybar as featured in the feed of @souladdikt last year.

It's a rather intense yet still very enjoyable taste on this cocktail. The genever and the slighly bitter Bruto Americano blend in a very interesting way with the banana. You definitely taste the banana, but it's still not overwhelming.

This $@&!' Bananas!



1 oz genever
1 oz sweet vermouth
0,5 oz Bruto Americano
0,5 oz banana liqueur


Stir with fresh ice and strain into a coupe.