The Penicillin

cocktail Sep 29, 2018

Today we have made The Penicillin cocktail with Naked Grouse and Laphroaig. Combined with fresh lemon juice as well as ginger and honey syrup this becomes such a wonderful and iconic cocktail. If you are a scotch lover you need to try this, if you haven't already. (Chances are you have). The recipe is created by Sam Ross.


What we think makes this cocktail so spectacular is the combination of scotch and ginger. There's certainly a bit of a sting to the drink, especially if the ginger syrup is made of fresh ginger juice. But as there is also honey syrup and fresh lemon juice in the mix the cocktail is very balanced in the end, yet still quite unique.

And we just bought a retro bar tong, still in its original box. Picking up a piece of candied ginger has never been easier than with the aid from this tong, haha. Also we think it looks pretty legit!

The Penicillin



2 oz Naked Grouse Scotch
0,75 oz lemon juice
3/8 oz ginger syrup
3/8 oz honey syrup
A splash of Laphroaig whisky


In a shaker, add Naked Grouse Scotch, lemon juice and both syrups. Shake with fresh ice and strain into a rocks glass with a big ice cube inside it. Float a small amount of the smoky Laphroaig on top.