The one with no name

cocktail Feb 10, 2019


This is a cocktail without a name, created by Rodrigo over at and it is an herbal riff of a classic Pisco Sour.

That yellow Chartreuse makes the cocktail not only yellow, but also earthy and boozy. It works very well with the more neutral pisco, as well with the sour lemon. Surprisingly the sweet vermouth doesn't change the colour of the drink too much, it stays pretty yellow.

Thank you Rodrigo for your inspirational feed. It was an honor to recreate one of your original recipes.

The one with no name

Recipe by Rodrigo


0,75 oz pisco
0,75 oz yellow Chartreuse
0,75 oz sweet vermouth
0,75 oz fresh lemon juice


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a coupe. We garnished with a pierced maraschino cherry.