The Last Mechanical Art

campari Dec 3, 2018

Nothing better than a solid equal parts cocktail is there! This one is of particular interest given its distinct ingredients.

Mezcal - this smoky agave spirit that turns any cocktail into an aromatic and characteristic experience when mixed with.

Punt e Mes - a very elegant vermouth with just the right sweetness to act as a good counterpart to other ingredients.

Campari - the Italian amaro we would struggle to be without. Its red brown colour and its bittersweet flavour is unique.

Cynar - the artichoke amaro with this earthy and vegetal flavour that's hard to describe but amazing to drink.

Combine the four and be prepared for The Last Mechanical Art to make a long-lasting impression.

The Last Mechanical Art

Recipe from Beta Cocktails


0,75 oz mezcal
0,75 oz Punt e Mes
0,75 oz Campari
0,75 oz Cynar


Stir with fresh ice and strain into a coupe.