Sunset at Gowanus

applejack Mar 20, 2018

We've chosen to disguise a Sunset at Gowanus, by Alex Day, as a tiki cocktail. Because all that rum, Chartreuse and lime definitely evoke tropical feelings:

Some time ago we were gifted a taste sample of a small-batch-rum, produced by To Gents @togents in Denmark. The rum is called Redrum, and it's delicious! Being a very flavorful and aromatic rum we'd say it's perfect in tiki cocktails, as well as other rum cocktails mixed with strong and characteristic ingredients. Very cool with a Danish rum!

Using maple syrup in cocktails we think is great! It's a unique sweetness that cannot be substituted by regular simple syrup. Maple syrup is earthy, nutty and sweet at the same time. Whenever we see a cocktail recipe with it we just have to try!

Sunset at Gowanus



2 oz rum
0,25 oz apple brandy
0,25 oz yellow Chartreuse
0,75 oz lime juice
0,5 oz maple syrup


Shake everything with ice and strain into a coupe.