Stork Club Cocktail

angostura bitters Apr 13, 2018

Having previously been a bit hesitant making drinks using orange juice we anyway decided to give the Stork Club Cocktail a chance.

We've had orange juice based cocktails before where the acidity and rather strong flavour of the orange juice more or less overwhelm the whole cocktail. However, if the ratio between orange juice and the other ingredients are perfectly moderated it can be really nice.

In this recipe there is a full ounce of orange juice. But as it's balanced with fresh lime, sweet orange liqueur and bitter gin and Angostura we think it still works. Of course the orange juice is still somehow defining the perception of the cocktail, but without being the only impression.

One of the real advantages with orange juice is the beautiful colour it gives the cocktail. It looks rather tempting doesn't it?

Stork Club Cocktail



1,5 oz gin
0,5 oz triple sec
0,25 oz lime juice
1 oz orange juice
1 dash Angostura bitters


Shake all ingredients and strain into a coupe.