cocktail Mar 6, 2019


We are quite excited to try Seedlip for the first time. We’ve been wanting to make more alcohol free drinks, and this Steergroni is a good example of how non-drinkers can still be able to enjoy a crafted cocktail.⁣

Seedlip is a fascinating product. It is produced and distilled just like any high quality gin, except there is a further and final process - in which the alcohol is removed. This means you’re still left with infused herbal flavors, a clean and crisp taste and an overall feeling of a lovingly crafted product. ⁣

Another bottle we are trying for the first time is Giffard’s Bitter, a totally alcohol free product tasting almost exactly like the famous deep red bitter normally used in a Negroni. We tried the Giffard Bitter also with just some sparkling water, and it tastes absolutely fantastic! A new favorite go-to-bottle in our home bar for sure!⁣

The third ingredient used in today’s cocktail is home-made. We wanted to mimic sweet vermouth, and we did so by infusing an alcohol free red wine with lots of raisins. To really encourage a flavour explosion we did this infusion the sous-vide-way, letting it simmer for a couple of hours in a 70 degrees Celsius circulating water-bath. The result was awesome, a rich vermouth-like liquid.⁣

Combining the Seedlip, Giffard’s Bitter and our no ABV vermouth created this Steergroni that was an instant hit to us. Oh, we will be sipping a lot of these in the future. Also we will be able to offer a top notch cocktail to guests not drinking alcohol for different reasons.⁣


Recipe by Cocktail Detour


1 oz Seedlip Grove 42⁣
1 oz Giffard Bitter⁣
1 oz raisin-infused alcohol free red wine


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a large coupe, over a clear ice cube. Garnish with an orange peel.⁣