Russian Spring Punch

champagne Mar 30, 2020

Yes we are using vodka! It's rare but this is proof it does happen!⁠

But this punch is topped up with so many other good things, or how about gorgeous Swedish cassis liqueur from Hernö Gin and bubbly Monopole Champagne?⁠

Long-drinks are nice and we usually have them with our weekend dinners. Even though we would never say no to a glass of wine, sometimes switching it for a good low ABV cocktail can be so good.⁠

Russian Spring Punch

Recipe by Dick Bradsell⁠


1 oz vodka⁠
0,5 oz crème de cassis⁠
0,75 oz lemon juice⁠
0,25 oz simple syrup⁠
Champagne to top up with⁠


Shake all ingredients except the Champagne with fresh ice. Fine strain into a highball glass, add fresh ice cubes and top up with Champagne.⁠