Rum & Rye Sazerac

cocktail Jan 1, 2023

The Sazerac is one of our favourite cocktails, and we usually do it with a split base of Cognac and rye. However in this version we switch Cognac for some very nice Brugal 1888 rum. It has a “dry” character that goes so well in this stiff cocktail where sweetness somehow should be kept low. The rum does add an interesting and refreshing twist to this classic cocktail, taking it into an ever so slightly lighter direction.

Rum & Rye Sazerac


30 ml dry styled rum
30 ml rye
15 ml simple syrup
5 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
1 dash Angostura bitters
Absinthe, just a spray


Add all ingredients except the absinthe into a rocks glass with a large ice cube inside. Stir directly in the glass and finish with a spray of absinthe. Garnish with a citrus zest.


Rocks glass