Roebling Rumrise

cocktail Jun 27, 2018

Lambrusco is an intensly blue grape, that mostly grows in Italy. With it an equally intensly blue, slightly sparkling, wine is created.

And with this pretty cool wine we made a Roebling Rumrise cocktail. The recipe is by Rob Krueger, and as it's quite low on alcohol it is perfect to sip in large gulps during hotter days.

We were throwing a small cocktail party recently and this was the opening cocktail. Apart from being delicious it is a great conversation piece, as that blue colour is quite mesmerizing and unusual in drinks.

Roebling Rumrise



0,75 oz medium dark rum

0,5 oz velvet falernum

0,5 oz lemon juice

0,5 oz pineapple juice

Lambrusco wine


Shake all ingredients but the wine with ice and strain into a Champagne coupe with a brandied cherry in the base. Then top up with the Lambrusco wine.


Champagne coupe or flute