Pommes Flip - by Bella Porcile

Pommes Flip

cocktail Feb 15, 2023

by Bella Porcile

1 whole egg
40 ml Calvados
10 ml O.P. Anderson Petronella
25 ml apple syrup
10 ml Incredible sour mix
Dry shake (without ice) all ingredients. Then add ice to the shaker and continue shaking until fluffy. Strain into cocktail glasses.

Our Calvados Cocktail Lab resulted in more than a handful of drinks. Probably the most unexpected but also the most fun was this flip (meaning an egg based cocktail) that Bella Porcile invented during the lab. Apart from the egg there’s Boulard Grand Solage Calvados as well as O.P. Anderson’s apple "akvavit" Petronella in the mix. To further balance the drink apple syrup is added for sweetness and Incredible Cocktail Sour Mix for acidity.

The result is a creamy and fluffy apple drink, perfect as a dessert drink. It’s also easy to adjust the level of sweetness by using more or less of the apple syrup.