cocktail Oct 22, 2019

While tiki mugs are a lot of fun, and we do have several at home, it is also fun to see tiki drinks served in regular coupes. The Parasol is such a great example. Being super yellow, containing a hefty amount of rum, tasting of banana and pineapple and being garnished with nutmeg this drink screams tiki even inside a coupe.⁠

Being sort of a a banana daiquiri, we could see this cocktail being a crowdpleaser. Evoking those tropical feelings, it does exactly what a good tiki drink should do.⁠


Recipe found in Shannon Mustipher's book TIKI⁠


2 oz aged white rum⁠
0,75 oz banana syrup/liqueur⁠
0,5 oz pineapple juice⁠
0,75 oz lime juice⁠


Shake vigorously with fresh ice and fine strain into a coupe. Garnish with grated nutmeg.⁠