North to Alaska

cocktail Oct 31, 2019

Recently we hosted a board-game-dinner. As we we had chosen a game with a long playing-time (more than two hours) we wanted to start as soon as our guests arrived. Hence we decided to make one of the recipes in Sarah Baird's beautiful book Flask.⁠

In the book the North to Alaska drink is suggested as a New Year's Eve cocktail. However we can assure it also works perfectly for gaming nights. Offering your guests a bubbly cocktail immediately sets the mood, and of course the rest of the evening went on in a very smooth and fun fashion.⁠

So who won the game? One of our guests did, he must have been so strengthened by this good cocktail!!⁠

By the way, does anybody recognize what board game we played? The correct answer can be found here

North to Alaska

Recipe from the book “Flask” by Sarah Baird⁠


1,75 oz gin⁠
1 oz yellow Chartreuse⁠
2 dashes grapefruit bitters⁠
dry sparkling wine


Stir all ingredients without ice. Put in a bottle (or flask) and keep in a fridge until your guests arrive. Then fill 1/3 of a flute glass with the pre-made drink and top up with sparkling wine.⁠