Mott and Mulberry

cocktail Jan 31, 2018

Apple juice in a cocktail? Yes, it's far less usual than for example orange juice or grapefruit juice. But Leo Robitschek's Mott and Mulberry cocktail is a perfect example of how delicious and well-working apple juice can be in a cocktail.

In the recipe it's suggested to make your own juice out of Honeycrisp apples. We have to admit we opted for store bought apple juice, but even so the cocktail turned out very pleasant. The apple juice mixed with the potent rye and the herbal amaro Abano creates a drink full of flavour and with many depths.

This cocktail was also the perfect opportunity to bring out these cocktail flags, bought on our recent trip to Amsterdam. And while Leo suggests an apple fan as garnish, we hope the use of this apple green flag is not too rebellious, haha.

Mott and Mulberry



0,5 oz demerara syrup
0,75 oz high quality apple juice
1 oz Luxardo amaro Abano
1 oz rye
0,5 oz fresh lemon juice


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a rocks glass.