Mots de Caraïbes

cocktail Dec 20, 2017

We've been waiting to open our bottle of rum Fire for a while. We wanted to decide on the perfect premiere cocktail to make with this rum that we've heard so many good things about.

So finally we decided to make a Mots de Caraïbes by rum enthusiast Brian Di Maggio.

Brian cleverly composed this drink as an equal part cocktail, combining the sweet rum with tart Suze and balancing it all with fresh maraschino liqueur and sour lime juice. It's a brilliant recipe, so delicious. Hands up for you Brian!

The Suze is bright yellow, and it defines the final look of this cocktail. In these photos it is slightly enhanced by our camera light, but if you mix Brians's cocktail this is nevertheless pretty much the final look you will end up with.

Mots de Caraïbes



0,75 oz rum Fire
0,75 oz Suze
0,75 oz maraschino liqueur
0,75 oz fresh lime juice


Shake with ice and strain into either a coupe glass, or a highball filled with ice (depending on your mood).


Coupe or highball