Millennium Falco

cocktail Aug 14, 2019

We would lie if we didn't say it was the name of the drink that initially caught our attention. But then reading through the list of ingredients just got us even more intrigued. Cold-brew coffee, pink peppercorn syrup, amaro, Galliano, Branca Menta and bitter soda . . . wow that is quite some mix!

And then we took a first sip and realized what a fantastic creation this one is! Obviously full of different flavors, but not overpowering each other. The sparkling lemon soda does a fantastic job of bringing everything together in a much pleasant way.

If you're looking for a pretty unique drink, why not try this one?

Millennium Falco

Recipe by Abigail Gullo


0,75 oz Galliano
0,75 oz amaro Averna
0,75 oz pink peppercorn syrup
0,5 oz Branca Menta
2,5 oz cold-brew coffee
2,5 oz bitter lemon soda


All ingredients should be carefully stirred together in a hurricane glass. Add lots of crushed ice and garnish with citrus peels.