Melony Rummer

cocktail Jul 7, 2020

Exciting news, especially for us Swedes, is that we can now get our hands on this overproof rum from Ron Esclavo. The rum is from the Dominican Republic, which we thinks somehow tells from the intricate and exotic-looking label. ⁠

With new rums we like to initially walk the tiki trail. Being an overproof rum the Ron Esclavo is kind of made to be in highball drinks. The high ABV means it will hold up well to the other ingredients and the flavour will not get diluted. ⁠

In this original recipe we are using fresh cantaloupe melon to further enhance the exoticness of the rum. By muddling the melon it releases not only its sweet flavour, but it somehow also contributes with some texture to the drink. The cherry liqueur and the lime juice then further lift the drink, and we were extremely pleased with the outcome. Do not skip the bitter float, it really elevates the cocktail. And do go wild on the garnish, that's what's so fun with tiki drinks.⁠

We're very happy with the overproof Ron Esclavo. It's a potent rum with a rich and slightly bunt caramel flavour that made us immediately smile upon the first sip.⁠

Melony Rummer

Recipe by Cocktail Detour


2 oz ron Esclavo⁠
a few pieces of fresh melon⁠
0,5 oz Maraschino liqueur⁠
1 oz lime juice⁠
0,75 oz simple syrup⁠
Peychaud’s bitters as a float⁠


Start by muddling the melon in the rum in a shaker. Then add all other ingredients except the bitters and shake with ice. Strain into a highball glass filled with crushed ice and float a generous amount of Peychaud’s at the top. Garnish away!


highball (or tiki mug)