Manzana, Naranja, Caña

cocktail Mar 24, 2020

With spring and soon summer approaching Sweden we wanted to mix and shoot this cocktail outside. The fair-trade-certified Nicaraguan rum from Flor de Caña is produced very close to an active volcano, which we think is so awesome to know. And even if the air is nowhere near as hot here in Sweden at the moment, we still wanted to mimic the natural elements of the Flor de Caña rum production site.⁠

In this drink we are mixing rum with apple juice and orange liqueur. Mixing takes place outside, so a lot of Swedish spring air is also added to the mix. The rum certainly hugs the apple juice in a very pleasant way, and the orange liqueur acts almost a spice in the mix - despite being added in such a small amount.⁠

What’s extra nice about this recipe is that it only uses ingredients many have available at home. But don’t worry if you don’t have simple syrup readily available, just make your own. Let equal parts white sugar and water simmer on medium heat until the sugar has melted completely. Then let it cool down a bit, before you bottle it. ⁠

Manzana, Naranja, Caña​

Recipe by Cocktail Detour


1,5 oz Flor de Caña rum⁠
1 oz apple juice⁠
0,5 oz fresh lime juice⁠
0,25 oz orange liqueur⁠
0,25 oz simple syrup⁠


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a coupe.⁠