Cocktail Detour equals the two of us, Joakim and Mattias. We’re based in Sweden but we’re promoting Cocktail Detour worldwide. Both of us are cocktail amateurs and none of us have worked in a bar. However, we’ve developed a nerdy interest for cocktails and beverages, and we are truly passionate about it. We love how beautiful a cocktail can look, and how wonderful it can taste.

I’m Joakim and I’m one half of Cocktail Detour. Generally I’m the one finding the recipes we feature in our feed, and I’m also the one doing the captions to dress our photographs with words.

My interest in cocktails started a few years ago, when I saw a press coverage on the event ”Worlds 50 best bars”. I kind of realized that cocktails could actually be made with the same attention to details and presentation that a lot of chefs put into their signature dishes. I started to visit a few of the bars on the list and was immediately hooked by the craftsmanship.

I like most spirits, and I’m very open minded when it comes to unusual recipes, unique ingredients and surprising flavors. At the same time I also truly enjoy classic cocktails, as long as they are nicely executed.

I’m Mattias and I’m one half of Cocktail Detour. Generally I’m the one taking all photographs in our feed, finding the right props for each shoot and making sure lights, angels and exposure times are optimal.

I like the crafting part behind cocktails and food. I enjoy making things from scratch and advancing my techniques. Favorite gadgets in the kitchen are my smoke gun, my iSi Siphon and my Vitamix blender. A lot of the cocktails featured in our channels are enabled thanks to this machinery!

When it comes to spirits, mezcal has become a favorite. That smokiness really appeals to me, and I think it’s an exciting task trying to pair this with other flavors. Mezcal is a spirit you can easily get creative with, and pairs well with surprisingly many other spirits.

Today Cocktail Detour are present on several channels. We have a web page - www.cocktaildetour.com - where we upload cocktail recipes and several photos of the corresponding cocktails. We publish two to three cocktails each week and try to be as  creative and different as possible in each post. The web page is constantly developing and it also hosts our vintage barware shop.

Another important channel for us is Instagram - @cocktaildetour - as it truly hosts such a thing as a Drinkstagram community, made up by  people with a genuine interest in cocktails, recipes, products and brands. We notice this in the growing number of followers to our account and the several comments on our posts. Currently we have over 20 000 engaged followers. Most of our followers are aged between 25 och 45 and they tend to live in the USA, the United Kingdom or in the Nordics.

To back up these two main channels we are also on Twitter, Faceboook and Pinterest with mirrored content. And finally we distribute a weekly newsletter to subscribers interested in cocktails and spirits.


We have the possibility to help you create original branded content, that could both be featured in Cocktail Detour’s channels, as well as in your own channels. We enjoy creating photos, recipes and stories around cocktails and beverages and we would love working with your brand. There are several possibilities, we can do anything from a single post to more lengthy and full covering campaigns depending on your needs and preferences. We are also able to produce original content only for your own channels, if you do not want the exposure we can offer in Cocktail Detour’s channels. Cocktail Detour is owned and operated by Adbibere AB in Stockholm, Sweden. (Registered for EU VAT). Please contact us for a discussion around possibilities, and for a quote. A price idea is shown towards the bottom of this page.


For Naked Grouse we created one original cocktail featuring the product, and we also did posts with two already existing cocktails. Each post highlighted the scotch, drawing focus to the brand name and the iconic bottle. The campaign run for one month and included Instagram, Stories, www.cocktaildeotur.com and both Twitter and Pinterest

We collaborated with No.3 Gin and created a Cocktail Detour original cocktail. The campaign consisted of one post on Instagram and one six page story with a step by step cocktail recipe. We also did a post on our webpage. Everything was reposted by the brand in their own channels.

We collaborated with Swedish Tonic with multiple Instagram posts and original cocktails that also featured on the recipe section on the brand’s own webpage.

We collaborated with Soho Juice promoting their innovative juices in cocktails with Instagram posts and web posts.

+ One cocktail post (original or classic - it's up to you). Styled and photographed by us. Featured on Instagram.

+One Instagram Story

One cocktail post (original or classic - it's up to you). Styled and photographed by us. Featured on Instagram.

+One Instagram Story

+One fully edited short video of either us shaking one of the cocktails, or just zooming in on the bottles and the finalized cocktails (Either 16:9 Youtube or 9:16 Instagram)

Three (3) individual cocktails (originals or classics - it's up to you). Styled and photographed by us.

One fully edited short video of either us shaking one of the cocktails, or just zooming in on the bottles and the finalized cocktails. (Either 16:9 Widescreen o

Several high resolution photographs with full rights for you to use in your own channels and campaigns.

Three publications in Cocktail Detour's channels (web, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter). Minimum 20 posts in total during the campaign.

At least one Instagram story showing the bottle(s) and tagged with  brand name.

Report on campaign after it's closed, with impressions and engagement follow up.

We customize the offer after your needs. 

Adbibere AB is an EU VAT registered company. We offer 30 days payment terms. 

We are two cocktail entusiasts ready to help your brand with fun and personal influencer marketing.


We would love to hear from you. Let us know how we can help you achieve your business goals and spread knowledge about your brand.

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