La Lumière

cocktail Mar 15, 2019


We've been loyal followers to Steve over at @boxesandbooze for a long while. His pairing of great cocktails with intriguing puzzle boxes is simply put irresistible.⁣

And we have so many saved recipes from Steve's feed. The Lumière is one of them, and it caught our attention because of its resemblance with The Last Word - our favorite cocktail all categories.⁣

Our bottle of Wallflower gin, from Odd Society Spirits was put to work in this cocktail, and it is simply a gorgeous gin. Everything from the intricate label, to the way the gin is produced, and of course the taste of it is just pure quality. An absolutely lovely gin.⁣

Now, make sure to follow @boxesandbooze and his puzzling approach to drinks. You won't regret it.⁣

La Lumière

Recipe by Jen Marshall


1,5 oz gin⁣
1 oz elderflower liqueur⁣
0,75 oz lime juice⁣
0,75 oz green Chartreuse⁣
a dash of orange bitters⁣


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice and double strain into a coupe.⁣