Knickerbocker a la Monsieur

cocktail Jun 7, 2019


It's Friday again and we decided to shake up a classic cocktail, as we anyway had some raspberry syrup in our fridge.

The Knickerbocker a la Monsieur dates back to around 1869 (and there is also a Knickerbocker a la Madame out there).

It's an almost tropical drink made with rum, orange, raspberry and lemon. It felt only appropriate to garnish with flamingos as well as using rainbow-shimmering metal straws to sip with. We've made this drink before, and we like it a lot.

Knickerbocker a la Monsieur

Classic recipe


2 oz rum
0,5 oz orange liqueur
0,5 oz raspberry syrup
1 oz fresh lemon juice


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a small highball glass.


small highball (or coupe)