Kitty Highball

cocktail Jul 4, 2018

This red wine based cocktail is called Kitty Highball. And because of the wine in it it gets this beautiful ruby red look, that's quite irresistible

Topping up with club soda means the alcohol by volume is brought down. And as the cocktail is anyway based on wine and no other spirits the ABV is low even without the club soda.

So for those who prefers wine over cocktails, this could be the entry. It tastes of wine, but there is the slightly stingy ginger as well as the sour lime to excite. And then of course all those sparkly bubbles thanks to the club soda.

It's super refreshing this one!

Kitty Highball



2 oz red wine

0,75 oz ginger syrup

0,5 oz lime juice

club soda


Shake all ingredients but the soda with fresh ice and double strain into a glass. Top up with club soda and garnish with a piece of candied ginger.