Hug from Mary

beer Jul 13, 2019


This price winning cocktail is pretty amazing. First of all, it combines rum and beer! And as if that wasn't enough there's also coffee liqueur and sherry in the mix.⠀

Having your mum try this cocktail is a lot of fun. At first she's scared . . . because there's dark beer in it and she only likes light beer. But then on the other hand she's been to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin Ireland, thoroughly enjoying the experience. On top of that she really likes all things coffee, and rum happens to be her favorite spirit. . .⠀

. . . so it came as no surprise that she absolutely loved this Hug from Mary!! It's an extraordinary drink that we think everyone should try.

Hug from Mary

Recipe by Tony Barry


1,5 oz rum
1 oz stout beer
1/3 oz coffee liqueur
1/3 oz Pedro Ximénes sherry
4 dashes mole bitters


Throw all ingredients with fresh ice and fine strain into a coupe.