Half Way Round the World

cocktail Feb 25, 2021

Another drink made with new Bolivian acquaintances La República gin⁠ and Yerbasanta vermouth⁠. They make the perfect power couple in this globetrotter drink.⁠

Gin is so good in long-drinks we think. That tangy taste goes well with low-ABV ingredients such as vermouth or sherry, and then just a splash of simple syrup sweetens things up. Lemon juice balances everything and some heavily carbonated water gives just the right fizz.⁠

Recipe by Cocktail Detour


1 orange wheel⁠
1 dash bitters⁠
2 oz La República gin⁠
0,75 oz Yerbasanta white vermouth⁠
0,5 oz lemon juice⁠
0,5 oz simple syrup⁠
club soda⁠


Muddle the orange wheel in a shaker together with the bitters. Add all other ingredients except the club soda and strain into a Collins glass. Top up with club soda and garnish with an orange slice.⁠


Collins glass