Grow Ni

cocktail Sep 23, 2019


So today we are going true premium! Ferdinand's gin is produced in the Saar region, using Riesling grapes. And we couldn't be happier about that, being the Riesling white wine lovers we are.⁠

But there is not only Riesling in this gin, oh no - to that ingrediens list more than 30 botanicals are added. It creates a very distinct gin, even perfect to sip on its own.⁠

Whenever we get a new gin we are always tempted to try it out in a Negroni. However we made a riff this time. As we had Riesling vermouth in our wine fridge we thought this should substitute the sweet vermouth normally used. And to allow the gin to really shine we left out Campari and instead went with alcohol free but sparkling San Bitter. ⁠

We ended up with the most enjoyable drink showcasing the beauty of the phenomenal Ferdinand's gin. ⁠


Grow Ni

Recipe by Cocktail Detour


1 oz Ferdinand's Saar dry gin⁠
1 oz Riesling vermouth⁠
1 oz (or more) San Bitter⁠


Stir gin and vermouth with fresh ice and strain into a rocks glass. Carefully top up with San Bitter and add a large ice sphere.⁠