Green Beast

absint May 7, 2019


In Berlin there is a shop called Absinth Depot and they are of course specializing in absinthe. When we were there recently we not only got to try several different absinthes, but we also got some good advices on which bottles to bring home. ⁣

In this, the Green Beast cocktail, we are using an absinthe from Lemercier Frères. They are basically not present in social media which is unusual these day. But we also find that a bit liberating. They obviously focus all their efforts and time into making a great product, and that is quite cool.⁣

Because good it is! It's sweet and strong, full of anise flavors but without completely overwhelming you with them. When mixed with lime juice, simple syrup and cucumber something wonderful happens. The addition of plain water in the end is necessary to take down the alcohol by volume to a comfortable and enjoyable level.⁣

Green Beast

Recipe by Charles Vexenat


0,75 oz absinthe⁣
0,75 oz fresh lime juice⁣
0,75 oz simple syrup⁣
4 slices cucumber⁣
2 oz still water⁣


In a mixing glass, gently muddle the cucumber slices with the simple syrup. Add fresh ice, lime juice and absinthe and stir briefly. Pour into a tall glass filled with crushed ice. Top up with still water and more crushed ice if necessary. Garnish with cucumber and lime wheels.⁣