Grapefruit Rickey

cocktail Feb 19, 2020

We are transforming a classic Rickey into a grapefruit variety just by switching regular simple syrup for grapefruit zest infused simple syrup. We made ours sous vide style, but just letting some zest infuse ready-made simple syrup should work well. It's exciting how much citrus flavour actually sits in the zest.⁠

And oh did we go luxurious on choice of gin. Highclere Castle Gin is a new acquaintance to us, and it turned this gin-heavy cocktail into something extraordinary. The beautifully blu bottle holds an elegant gin, with notes of orange and lavender. And interestingly there is oats in the gin. It might sound strange, but it smoothens the gin and make it perfect to mix cocktails with we believe.⁠

Grapefruit Rickey

Recipe by George A. Williamson, adapted by Cocktail Detour⁠


1,75 oz gin⁠
0,75 oz fresh lime juice⁠
0,5 oz simple syrup (we used grapefruit syrup)⁠
Club soda to top up with⁠


Shake all ingredients except the soda with ice and strain into an ice-filled highball glass. Top up with club soda and garnish with a lime wedge.⁠