Franco-Italian Swizzle

cocchi americano Jan 6, 2020

Green Chartreuse is something we've always enjoyed, more than often in a Last Word cocktail. But as proven in this recipe Chartreuse is also a great ingredient in highballs. And even if there's just half an ounce in this mix, you can immediately tell it's there. The colour gives it a way, and the iconic and much recognisable taste as well of course.⁠

And swizzles are fun. After adding all that crushed ice give the hole thing a good swizzle. It blends everything together, makes the ice do some tasty sounds and helps chilling the drink even further.⁠

Franco-Italian Swizzle

Recipe by Steven Robbins


2 oz Cocchi Americano⁠
0,75 oz lemon juice⁠
0,5 oz green Chartreuse⁠
Club Soda


Add the Cocchi, lemon juice and Chartreuse to a highball glass and top up with soda water. Finally add crushed ice and swizzle away.⁠