Fabelei bar

bar Sep 5, 2022

Berlin, Germany

Plans were initially to visit another bar in the area, but without any prior notice it was closed when we got there. A quick Google search later and we sat at the bar desk of the Fabelei Bar and the menu we were presented with immediately blew our minds.

The Sakura Whiskey Sour was a coffee and cherry infused variation of a classic cocktail. Pink coloured and with a bittersweet profile thanks to some innovative ingredients. An instant classic that we liked a lot. On the low ABV pages of the menu we tried the Chinotto made with Cocchi Americano. A golden long drink with a cool bitterness in the back, and refreshing citrus notes on the top.

Fabelei have a love affair with Campari, so we also tried a Strawberry Americano which was nice, but maybe slightly watered out. The Melon Negroni on the other hand was pure perfection, and the fruity notes from the melon worked brilliantly with the bitter components of the Negroni.

We were lucky enough to visit Fabelei when head bartender Florian was there. It resulted not only in the great drinks, but also in some interesting and rather nerdy cocktail discussions. Oh how we love that.

visited July 2022
complimentary water offered: YES
complimentary bar snacks offered: NO