Domo Arigato

cocktail Oct 17, 2017

Unusual cocktail ingredients is always fun. In the Domo Arigato by Ran Duan there is sesame oil . . . and it's paired with mezcal! Check out this awesome recipe:

2 oz mezcal
0,75 oz lime juice
0,5 oz simple syrup
1 bar spoon sesame oil
3 oz ginger beer
Shake everything but the ginger beer with ice, double strain and pour into glasses pre-filled with the ginger beer.

Now a bar spoon of sesame oil can be a tiny amount or a large amount depending on the size of your bar spoon. As we did two cocktails we used two spoonfuls of the sesame oil, and it kind of overwhelmed the cocktail a bit, even if the sesame paired extremely well with the smoky mezcal. A suggestion would be to use slightly less sesame oil the first time you try this cocktail, and potentially up the amount the next time you try. Because overall this was a very exciting cocktail, very unlike other cocktail's we've made. The oil also makes the cocktail a bit smooth, without feeling greasy.