Do not go gentle into that good night

cocktail Nov 26, 2020

As winter and Christmas is approaching we are more and more looking into warm drinks. A hot cocktail can certainly warm you up after a cold winter walk, maybe in snow or harsh winds. In Sweden we have a long tradition of drinking ”glögg” with is basically warm wine that’s been sweetened and had lots of spices added to it. Today though we are making something less traditional, but still with the same likability as mulled wine. This is the ”Do not go gentle into that good night” by Chantal Tseng - and it’s wonderfully good!

Also this was the perfect opportunity for us to try Glenmorangie’s Original scotch, now available in a giraffe inspired gift box here in Sweden. Yes you read that right - giraffe inspired!

Because Glenmorangie just partnered with GCF - The Giraffe Conservation Foundation. Some giraffe species are worryingly endangered today which GCF and Glenmorangie want to highlight and raise awareness around. We think that’s somehow the invincible sixth ingredient in this hot drink now, and it makes it taste of kindness and hope…

But there’s actually a cool background why giraffes caught Glenmorangie’s attention. The stills that Glenmorangie distill their whisky in are amongst the tallest in Scotland. In fact they are as tall as the neck of a male giraffe. And not only did this inspire Glenmorangie to support GCF, they also just released their Original scotch in a giraffe-patterned gift box made of metal.

- It is thanks to our tall giraffe-shaped stills that we can produce our balanced and fruity scotches. It is my wish that whisky lovers will discover some of them this Christmas in this giraffe-inspired edition - says Bill Lumsden, Director of Glenmorangie Whisky Creation.

For us Swedes this special edition is now available, as long as supplies last.

Recipe by Chantal Tseng


4 oz hot Earl Grey tea
1,5 oz scotch
0,5 oz honey syrup
0,25 oz allspice dram
0,25 oz fresh lemon juice


Combine all ingredients in a heat-proof glass mug. Garnish with a scorched star anise.​


glass mug