Currant Affairs

cocktail Nov 15, 2018

This is the first time ever we are using redcurrants in a drink. The berries are used both as a muddled ingredient in the actual cocktail, and then also as a pearl-like garnish. Their sweet-and-sour flavour is phenomenal, and it really takes this drink to the next level. Then combined with the thick and exotic tasting guava juice, a rather unique cocktail is born.

Currant Affairs

Recipe by Oskar Kinberg


1,75 oz vodka
0,66 oz mandarine liqueur
0,66 oz fresh lemon juice
0,33 oz simple syrup
1 oz guava juice
24 redcurrants


In the bottom of a shaker, muddle the redcurrants. Then add all other ingredients and shake with ice. Double strain into a coupe.